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Louder Than Hell: The Rise of Latinx and Native American Metal
By Luis Zapata


ROCK ’N’ ROLL has been the soundtrack of youth rebellion for almost eight decades. It is one of the United States’ most powerful cultural exports to the world. It may seem cliché to say rock ’n’ roll is not just about music, but the moment it gripped a postwar generation of American teenagers, its anthems became words to live by—and future generations would never be the same.

Kids questioned the establishment and decided they did not need to follow parental rules and expectations. They stopped accepting the status quo, and their outside-the-box thinking contributed to accelerated technological advancement. Talented Latinx and Indigenous musicians who crossed cultural boundaries played a big role in the rise of rock ’n’ roll, and all that came with it.

Read the article in University of Texas Press Llilas Magazine Long Latin American Studies Department at UT ..


Black Sabbath . Alice Cooper . Ace Frehley . Al Jougersen . Smokey Robinson . Vince Mötley Crüe. Carlos Cavazo . Rudy Sarzo . Robert Trujillo . Dave Lombardo . George Lynch .  Oz Fox . Parabellum . Eddie Ojeda . Juan Croucier . Robert Sarzo .  Jeff Becerra . Pete Sandoval . Jesse Pintado . Tico Torres . Tom Araya. Sepultura . Sarcofago . Chuck Billy . Fear Factory . Brujeria Matando Güeros . Mark Slaughter Vinnie Vincent Invasion . Tony Campos Roy Mayorga . Zach De La Rocha . Downset . Scott Strapp Creed . Pissing Razors . Puya . Dave Chavarri .  St. Anger . Inquisition . Deftones . Todd La Torre. 

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