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Special thanks to Professor Adrian Johnson of UT for providing the information listed on this page. 

Please, check this documentary by Producers Sana Saeed, Kathryn Wheeler, Sean Gordon-Loebl and Maral Satari: The Very Latinx History of Punk

latinx punk timeline

The Collins Kids . Los Saicos . The Stooges . New York Dolls . Billy Murcia . MC5 . The Zeros . Sex Pistols . The Nuns . Alejandro Escovedo . Ron Reyes . Margot Olavarria . Roger Miret . The Go Go's . Black Flag . Agnostic Front . Alice Bags . The Plugz . The Stains . Los Illegals . Bixler Zavala . Beto O'Rourke . The Mars Volta . Pinata Protest . Vato Perron . Girl in a coma . Fea

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